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Spotify or not to Spotify?

Hey fellas, just joined treemium (happy to follow you on this adventure) however Spotify doesn't appear in the drop down menu to connect to a listening app (unfortunately that's my listening app). Not sure if anyone else experiencing this?

Tree syrup production + geography

Hypothetically, if someone in the Pacific Northwest wanted to start producing delicious tree syrup in... a few decades, what would be the best syrup tree to go all-in with? If the answer is "The Sugar Maple", would the syrup theoretically be as good as the stuff that comes out of famous maple syrup production areas like New England and Canada, or is there something special about that climate that makes it extra good?

Tree Music?

Hey y'all, experimental classical composer here. A lot of my music is designed with mathematics or principles from nature (systems for generating sequences of data, sorting systems, growth patterns, fractal branching) and I was wondering if you know of any cool tree patterns which could be implemented systematically. My music is usually quite noisy, so orderliness is not necessarily a required feature I'm after. I recently read "The Nature of Oaks" by Douglas Tallamy and was so amazed by how so many elements of the ecosystem interact with the trees that I was inspired to start working on a piece about Oaks. I just thought it would be cool if I could include some data or other principle of calculation in the piece.


Hi Alex and Casey. I just switched over from patreon. I was new to patreon and hadn't caught up on all the episodes. I was looking through the episodes and noticed that your past livestreams are not on here. Will they be put up soon or should I binge them on patreon before canceling? Thank you for the great podcast.

Treemium Changes

It looks like all the podcasts show up under Treemium now. If I am correct, they used to be separated for Cone peeps and regular peeps. Is this the case. Just looking for confirmation. I really like listening to you both. I will reach out again soon, I'd like to share about a small volunteer initiative I started to plant trees. Thanks, Corey Alleman